Tree Trimmings

Today was marked by blood, sweat, but no tears. We had two full trailers of tree trimmings in Point Loma. When most people think of junk removal, they immediately think of trash bags and old dusty furniture. But for us junk is anything that needs to be hauled away, including tree branches. There are many hauling companies in San Diego that do not touch construction debris or tree trimmings. But we do. We will junk anything that people are throwing away.

Its funny to me when people think they can do things on their own without the proper equipment to save a few dollars. For example, someone strapping a couch to a minivan to take to the landfill. I’ve seen countless people lose things on the freeway and put other peoples lives in danger. We charge $60 to haul away couches. It would cost any resident in San Diego $40 dollars to get rid of a couch or mattress at the miramar landfill. So after gas and dump fees, you might save $10. Lets be real here, call the pros and let them do what God has made them to do…Haul all you trash and junk to the dump for you!


Your local junk man