Things you should not be doing with your junk

Whether it is spring cleaning or a mandatory office refurbishment, getting your junk sorted is the best thing you could be doing this weekend. Junk includes everything that has outgrown its owners and can no longer be put to use – broken furniture, worn clothes, broken equipment and those old boxes of rotten books. The first step to cleaning is recognizing your junk and categorizing them into separate piles. However, it is also equally important what you do with your junk. If you are not sure about the ways to dispose of your junk properly, a trash removal service in San Diego can help. Here are some things you shouldn’t be doing with your junk:

Dump it

It might sound easy, but dumping your trash in the corner of the street or the lonely alley is out rightly irresponsible. We have always been in the habit of throwing away the old cartridges, old printers, broken recorders into trash bins. But these are potentially hazardous e-waste and need proper recycling. A professional junk hauling service in San Diego can help with a ‘greener’ way.

Burn it

Most of our junk is inflammable – ragged piles of paper, old clothes, plastic, rubber and more. Creating a bonfire out of it might sound adventurous but that is exactly what you shouldn’t be doing. Burning junk not only endangers yourself but also adds a lot of pollutants into the air around you.

Leave it on the street

There are many who look to donate their junk by leaving it on the street with a “free” sign. However, you are not doing any favor but adding to the garbage around. Call in a reputed San Diego trash removal to help you with the process more effectively.