The Life of A Trashman

When I grow up I want to be a trash man, said no one ever. But at twenty-nine years old I am a full time junk man. Its not that bad. Yes sometimes it smells and my wife complains about my being dirty when I get home from work, but I love helping people, whatever it takes.

Being a trash man is actually pretty fun. Here are five reasons why…

  1. You sometimes find sweet things in peoples junk
  2. Most jobs don’t smell bad and are actually quite easy
  3. I get to work with my best friends
  4. I don’t have to sit in an office all day
  5. You can sell things that people throw away

Most people don’t realize how stressful having a big pile of trash around your house can be. It used to surprise me when people would be so thankful after we loaded up their junk, but now I understand. Having clutter and trash can be like an annoying fly right by your ear. We work all throughout San Diego picking up Junk. Call Jakes Junk Removal anytime for a free quote.