It Can Be So Hard To Say Goodbye

There’s a saying I like to use in junk removal… One man’s trash probably belongs at the dump. This saying keeps me from the enticements of becoming the next character on some hoarders show, and it makes my day much simpler.

As I’ve talked about before, there are some items that can’t be passed up, and it is crazy how many of my friend’s houses are furnished through nothing but junk removal. But there is a fine line between saving things for a purpose and saving things because they’re in decent shape and I might be able to sell them or give them to somebody. It’s this attitude that a junk man like myself must avoid, because it’s this attitude that leads to a backyard full of crap.

Being able to say goodbye to decent junk is the name of my game. You have to get to a point where you’re okay with trashing decent stuff for the sake of a more efficient day. As time goes on in this junk removal game, I don’t like to think that my heart has grown completely cold to a good treasure, but I do believe that my eye has grown much more selective. That’s all for now. Give me a call if you need any junk removed in the San Diego area.


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