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Our truck is larger than other Junk Removal Companies. It measures 14ft x 8ft x 5ft = 560 cubic feet. The other guys are 12x8x4 = 384 cubic feet. They’ll charge around $775 for a full truck. Give us a call now and save 40% from the other guys!

Below you will find prices based on the size of the load. If your load is in between these sizes (which is common), prices will change. For the most accurate estimate, text a picture to 858-751-4773.

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If our schedule is completely booked on the day you are in need of Junk Removal, give us a call and we can try to squeeze you in!

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Our pricing is very competitive in San Diego. We base our pricing on how much space it takes up in our truck or trailer. We have a large commercial truck that is 14ft x 8 ft x 5ft which is about 600 cubic ft. We also have a trailer that is 12ft x 6ft x 4ft which is about 300 cubic ft. To fill up our big truck we charge $650. To fill up our trailer we charge $400. For smaller loads take a look at our pictures to get a rough idea of how much you will be spending. Also, feel free to text us a picture of your trash for a quick and free quote.

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